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FRAMMENTI L411N | Sideboard by Arte Brotto

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FRAMMENTI L411N | Sideboard

Product Description

Nature is our main inspirator.‎ A deep love for the environment and a strong attention for social and economical sustainability guide Arte Brotto’s full production and working approach.‎ Starting from our vital material: wood.‎ We commit to the use of solid wood solely, Canaletto walnut and oak especially, originated from European forests that are certified and managed correctly and responsibly.‎ We have a deep love for well done things, like in the old times.‎ From this inclination derives the idea of creating furniture where antique and primordial artisanal techniques are sought, employed and adapted.‎ For the Leonardo collection we employ a special connection, patented by us, that enables us to joint the elements without the use of glue and hardware.‎ The natural oil finishing also allows easy maintenance and restoration of our furniture, to be passed on to future generations.‎
The Leonardo collection means well-being, harmony, sustainability.‎ Solid wood, walnut and oak from certified European forests.‎ Its furniture employs a special and unique joint that allows you to combine various elements with each other, minimizing the use of screws and glues.‎ Only natural vegetable oils are used for the finishing without resorting to any derivative of petroleum or other harmful substance.‎ Leonardo: the scent of the forest between the walls of the house.‎

“Frammenti” sideboard
Available with wooden or marble top.‎ (DARK or CREAM or marble customer’s care)
Available in walnut.

Additional Information

Dimensions 520 x 2240 x 820 mm